Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Latte ceremony

(Written December 2005)

I treat myself to a latte
once a week


It is a ceremony

It must be an atmosphere befitting
ritual and reverence
a place I can linger with my
cup and my thoughts

The cup must be ceramic
of a certain weight and heft
and with a handle big enough to fit three or four fingers through
No wimpy china and certainly,
no paper

I prefer the baristas who take care with my treasure
perhaps swirling the foam, forming a delicate leaf
or heart on top
I nod in gratitude, tip liberally

I take my latte and
maybe biscotti or a scone
sit in a corner
watch the steam curl from the cup

Timing is everything
Not too soon; singed tastebuds will miss the ecstasy

The first sip is a blessing

I do not read or talk
during the ceremony
I must drink slowly enough to
but not so slow that the liquid gold
cools to tepid before I finish

The last sip is a prayer

Sometimes I lick the foam that clings to the side
of the cup
before I return it to the counter

I push in my chair
pull on my coat
walk slowly out into another week


teabird said...

Substitute tea, and I'll be at the next table, with my tea, my journal, and my fountain pen. Ahhhhhhhh.

*claire* said...

This is beautiful.. (thanks for wishing me well.) :)